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Drug rehab help line is a no cost service to the public. We can help you to find a drug rehab center of your choice. We have over 400 drug rehab programs to choose from. Also advice on addiction treatment issues. Please call to speak with a certified chemical dependency counselor about drug abuse. Confidentiality policy is to keep all information held in private.
Addiction and Drug Rehab
Addiction is a physiological, psychological and emotional dependence/craving for any substance/activity the user perceives to make him/her feel better. Drug addiction refers to addiction to chemical substances and includes both illicit ( street) drugs and prescription
Drugs. Some of these substances can cause permanent damage to brain function. The addiction can and frequently does take over the addict’s life often destroying the family, social and work relationships.
Now we come to the need for drug rehab. As with many issues prevention is the optimal course of action. Even if every person could be educated fully on the dangers of drug use
we would still find those with the attitude “It won’t happen to me.”

Drug Rehab is any program that purports to have the addict abstain from the use of drugs i.e. to get the addict clean. These programs also provide supports, counselling, life-

skills so the addict can return to society as a useful productive member of that society.
These programs also try to provide the skills so the addict won’t return to drug use as a means of coping with life’s stresses (both good and bad).
There are many different formats these rehab programs use. Some are based on the
AA 12 step program which when followed is quite successful for alcoholism. Some are
based on a 30 day residential intense counselling format. These two formats have shown to be less successful with drug addicts. Similar format programs but for a 60 to 90 day period of time seem to have a better success. There are speciality rehab centres which cater to “dual diagnosis” clients as well as centers which provide treatment for gay and lesbian clients. Another program uses a type of purification including high doses of vitamins and minerals in conjunction with a sauna designed to sweat out the toxins. Their program includes classes of life building skills taken in conjunction with a partner for support and encouragement through the difficult times. Many of these programs are very expensive and beyond the reach of most addicts who’ve spent everything and often turned to crime as a method of feeding their habit.
All of these programs have varying degrees of success. Much is dependent upon the addict. Different programs work better for different people. Individual success is influenced somewhat by the addict’s perceived support system, and could be further influenced by a system of regular follow-up from the treatment center. Drug rehab is an ongoing lifelong process.
Please know that choosing the right drug rehabilitation is not easy. We have trained staff available on our help line to guide you to the right drug addiction treatment.
For those who have a loved one not wanting to get help, we have drug intervention services available.
All information on drug addiction here is meant to compliment advice from a medical doctor or another medical professional. We simply give advice on what drug treatment centers to choose.
Find the right drug treatment centre or drug rehab program today.


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Types of Addiction Treatment Available at Drug Rehab Centers


Addiction of any kind, be it drug addiction or alcohol addiction, is a serious problem afflicting a large number of people throughout the world. It causes extreme cases of psychological and relationship problems. Previously, drug addicts feared to join drug rehab centers because the treatment that the received at these centers was unsympathetic and inconsiderate. However, things have changed in the present times. There are very few people who harbor such thoughts and even the condition of the drug rehab centers has improved to a great extent. Drug rehab centers of the present times have embraced different treatment programs with a kinder and more compassionate approach. The primary focus of all the treatment programs is genuine concern and kindness. Therefore, for individuals facing drug addiction, it is always a good idea to join a private or a government rehab center. Treatment received at these centers is one of the greatest ways of starting with the recovery procedure.

Making the Choice of the Best Drug Rehab Center

Drug rehab centers are of great help for the drug addicts as the treatments offered at these centers help the patients in identifying and dealing with the chances of drug relapse or re-addiction when out in the real world. The best drug rehab centers are the ones that are known for their provision and effectiveness of one-to-one therapy sessions. These sessions are genuinely aimed towards working on the psychiatric problems of the patients. Additionally, such sessions might also include diverse lessons on meditation and yoga. There are large scale benefits offered by different drug rehab centers making it very difficult for people to make the right choice. Nevertheless, there are certain personal considerations that need to be kept in mind when trying to choose the best rehab center.

  • It is always very important for people to choose a drug rehab that offers the best treatment pertaining to the specific addiction patterns and behavior of a patient.
  • It is always good to go for the small rehab centers because they pay close attention to the treatment and the progress of their patients.
  • Patients should always consider their recovery patterns prior to choosing a rehab center because this is one of the most important things over all the other aspects.
  • The affordability of seeking treatment at a drug rehab is also an important consideration. Though there are certain insurance companies that offer financial support to the patients.

Treatments Available at Drug Rehab Centers

Drug rehabilitation centers teach people the right method of living a drug-free life. They offer several treatment programs where the patients are completely discouraged from connecting with people dealing in addictive substances. Treatment programs available at the drug rehab centers aim towards guiding patients in investigating their habits and changing them as soon as possible. There are different treatment programs used for addressing the problem of the drug addict and these include:

  • Addiction counseling
  • Use of support groups
  • Medical care
  • Extended care providers
  • Residential treatment
  • Recovery houses
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • Mental health services


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